Reading is….


Reading is  Thinking…        What mental activities do I use when I read?

  • Reading is      socialwhich means I  learn in social situations with others sharing books, talking and questioning.
  • Reading is      listening….which  means I hear my own inner speech to listen to my  own thinking and cue in to the sound of the text.
  • Reading is      seeing…which   means I make pictures in my head and imagine the relationships and the physical action.
  • Reading is      relating…which   means I notice there are people in the text to develop a relationship with.
  • Reading is      connecting….which  means I relate to the topic or action from my own life.
  • Reading is      interpreting…which  means I develop hunches and follow them…and they will change as the text moves along.
  • Reading is      learning  all the time…which means I willingly participate in this social activity.




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